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Email Marketing

Email Marketing & Autoresponders Delivery controls


ePostMailer allows you to control delivery of email within a specified time period (e.g. 500 emails an hour) to ensure you do not spam your ISP. ePostMailer automates subscription (Single and Double Opt-In), unsubscription and ‘Undeliverable Mail’ processing. It also has customized autoresponders.

Project Approach for Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns


ePostMailer manages independent email marketing campaigns in easy to manage projects. Imagine a case where you successfully executed a bulk email marketing campaign to a large number of recipients with specific settings using ePostMailer. The next time you want to execute the same bulk email marketing campaign to the same set of recipients with the same settings, but different content, it is just a matter of opening your old project and changing the email message content.

Rich Bulk Email Marketing Experience


Mail merge capabilities make personalization of bulk email easy; given a list of recipients with details such as email, name, and profession, ePostMailer will generate a personalized free email marketing message for each recipient.

Multiple emails are sent in parallel using the method called multi-threaded direct delivery, so the total time it takes to send the email mailshot is reduced dramatically. ePostMailer tracks the email deliveries and gives you feedback on email delivery status. This helps identify invalid email addresses instantly.

HTML Rich Content of Email Marketing Message


Sending free bulk email out in HTML format has many advantages over the conventional text only approach. HTML emails can be fully customized; including embedded graphics, customized layouts and formatting etc. ePostMailer offers a full featured, easy to use, WYSIWYG HTML designer and editor.

Composed free bulk email marketing messages can be previewed instantly before sending to make sure the email message is flawless. ePostMailer supports sending multi part messages (HTML and text in the same message) where text message is displayed if the email client is not capable of displaying the HTML content.

Import Data from Different Sources


Support for formats such as Paradox, DBase, plain text, HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, XML, MS Access, SPSS, CSV, MySQL, MS SQL and database formats supported by MS ADO connection (including ODBC databases) are available for easy maintenance of contacts. All the contacts imported to ePostMailer for sending out email marketing campaigns will be stored within project files.


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